2011 SEBAC & Concession Agreements

SEBAC 2011 – Background

The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) serves all 15 state labor unions representing approximately 45,000 full-time Connecticut state employees to address issues of common concern. The coalition was recognized in 1986 by Public Act 86-411 to negotiate with the state on healthcare and retirement benefits for all state workers. The University of Connecticut, through its Board of Trustees, has statutory authority to negotiate and enter into collective bargaining agreements with its Faculty (AAUP) and Professional Staff (UCPEA) on all other collective bargaining subjects such as wages and working conditions. The University negotiated within the SEBAC framework and reached its own tentative agreements over job security, wages and some language issues in early June subject to state-wide ratification. The entire agreement was ultimately ratified by SEBAC on August 18th.


SEBAC 2011 Frequently Asked Questions

SEBAC 2011 Briefing Presentation

Implementation Tools and Guidelines

Contact Information

  • Labor Relations – (860) 486-5684
  • Benefits and Retirement Questions – 860) 486-0400
  • Payroll Questions – (860) 486-2423

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