About Us

The Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations oversees faculty and staff labor relations for all University campus locations except the Health Center.  Our Office negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements for faculty (AAUP) and non-teaching professional staff (UCPEA/AFT-CT). We also assist the State of Connecticut Office of Labor Relations with the negotiation of state-wide collective bargaining agreements that cover the University’s classified employees such as public safety (police and fire), maintenance and clerical personnel.  We also provide on-site administration of these state-wide agreements.

The Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations provides the University community with direction and guidance on how to effectively manage relationships with the numerous labor organizations that represent the University’s workforce.  We collaborate with the Department of Human Resources and the University administration to ensure that personnel actions are in compliance with the University-specific and statewide collective bargaining agreements.  We actively participate in developing and enforcing workplace policies and procedures and support the University’s ongoing compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the employment relationship.  We assist departments and labor unions with conflict resolution, grievance processing and the adjustment of other workplace disputes that are governed by collective bargaining.  In the event that workplace disputes cannot be resolved informally, we represent the University in labor arbitration and other administrative proceedings including matters pending before the Connecticut Commission of Human Rights and Opportunities, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission and the Connecticut and United States Departments of Labor.  We also serve as the University’s liaison to the Connecticut Attorney General for employment-related litigation matters that involve the University and/or its officials.

Our expert staff also provides guidance in other employee relations areas such as performance management, employee counseling and progressive discipline.  We coordinate with campus and external compliance offices to ensure that there is a prompt University investigation and response to incidents of serious workplace misconduct.  We refer University employees and administrators to appropriate internal and external resources (such as the Office of Diversity and Equity, the Office of Audit Compliance and Ethics, the Department of Human Resources, etc.) to respond to workplace questions or concerns that are not appropriately addressed by the Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations.